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Premier Lotto Limited deals in Lotto, a fixed odds game in which players contest against the House (the operator), and not against each other. The amount won is independent of other winners. The operator bears the total risk and literarily can win or lose.

There are five different ways to play; from a single number bet to 5 numbers. There are no prize categories. A player either wins the full amount or loses the bet totally. A player can stake any amount he wishes (between a minimum stake and usually a maximum stake). The amount he is paid is directly proportional to the amount that he staked.

Since there is no pool and the prize is independent of other players there can be as many draws a day as is technically possible. One form of fixed odds game (Keno) is drawn several times a day. The payout is about 62%/63%, but unlike the lottery, the turnover is big. Commission payable to agents is 25%.

PLL currently plays 23 games and draws 27 times a week. This is divided into four games daily except on Sunday, where draws are done only thrice.

All draws are broadcasted on radio and are also publicized in specialized newspapers that serve the business. All winnings are paid in cash through the company's established payment centers which are open 24-hrs daily.